Dear All,

Please find below the Final Exam questions. Please send the exam answers to me by e-mail or drop off in hardcopy at my office or mailbox in the departmental office.

DEADLINE : Thursday May 18. Also, please fill out the teaching evaluation forms and give them to our secretary (Gloria).

I hope to see all of you around in the next few years, thanks for taking my class - hope you liked it. Have a good summer, Joop Varekamp

The Final for E&ES 132

Essay Questions:

  1. Describe the short and the long carbon cycle and how the various processes influence the CO2 contents of the atmosphere [30%]
  2. Give an overview of the one-dimensional climate principles, or the 'equilibrium radiation' model [40%]
  3. Discuss how changes in lifestyles will influence future climate trends [20]
  4. Evaluate how the current scenario of carbon partition (40 % atmosphere, 30 % ocean, 30 % biosphere) may change in the long run [10%]
This is an open book, open notes, computer-on exam, but you should work on it by yourself, not in groups, big or small!

I will calculate the final grade as follows:

Midterm presentation 20 %

Problemsets 10%

Paper 35%

Final 35%

I will only register your grade after you hand in the final with your two course module evaluation forms!